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Midwifery is an art form combining the arts of nurturing and guidance with current knowledge, science and evidence-based care. Our practice is based on the belief that the woman is the central decision maker in matters regarding her birth and her baby. Because of this, we respond to a mother as her caring and collaborative partner. We provide comprehensive prenatal visits each appointment is one hour long, skilled guidance during labor and birth, and complete postpartum care for mother and baby. But what makes homebirth midwifery truly special is the value we place on connecting with a woman and her family to offer a deeper level of care. We recognize that each birth is a unique opportunity for a family to gently bring another person into the world. By doing so, supported in their own homes, we help families make the world a little bit more peaceful one baby at a time.

Families come to choose homebirth for a variety of reasons. For some it is a deeply held belief in the naturalness of birth a choice made long before the pregnancy even occurred. For others it is a desire for a change a chance to heal from a previous birth experience or have the birth they have been told they cannot achieve in the hospital. Others still discover somewhere during their pregnancy a desire for a different kind of care one that honors their unique desires and needs as a birthing family. However you have come to consider a homebirth, we look forward to meeting you and discussing all the options available to you.

We provide holistic, full-scope midwifery care to families in Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, and Northern Connecticut.

  • Home Birth
  • Comprehensive prenatal / postpartum care
  • Well-woman care
  • Pregnancy nutrition counseling
  • Breastfeeding counseling
  • Newborn screening exams for homebirth clients
  • Continuous hospital support if transport is necessary
  • VBAC and Waterbirth
  • Breech and twin births
  • Pregnancy tests, lab work, & diagnostic referrals
  • Cervical cap fitting / contraception counseling

    TANYA RAPINCHUK, Midwife, CPM, Vermont LM
    Tanya has been practicing midwifery for over two decades. She began her journey as an apprentice in British Columbia. After the homebirth of her first child, she returned to the Pioneer Valley where her family lives. She continued working with other midwives in the area and at the same time completed the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance Midwifery Program. She went on to student teach in the program following her completion. Shortly thereafter she completed a clinical intensive at Casa de Naciamento, a busy maternity center on the Mexican border, in El Paso, Texas. When she returned from El Paso she gave birth to her second child at home and later that year opened Sacred Birth Midwifery. She has been in continuous practice now since 1998.


    Rebecca Corliss Beck, Midwife, CPM, Vermont LM
    Rebecca began her midwifery studies with the MMA Basic Course in 1996. She then completed a formal two year apprenticeship in Boston, and a clinical intensive at Case De Naciamento in El Paso, TX. She worked in Southeastern Massachusetts and the Cape as a primary midwife and became a CPM in 2002. In 2004 she moved to Western Massachusetts with her family and had the pleasure of a 9 year midwifery partnership and the good fortune of attending births with many area midwives. Rebecca is now a co-director, curriculum developer and teacher for the MMA Basic Course in Midwifery Studies. She sees the evolution of who she has become as a midwife to be directly related to her work with the wonderful families she has served. Her practice was also significantly influenced by her own birth experiences, where her midwives served her with skill, caring and dignity.


    Anna Maunz, Junior Midwife
    Anna has been engaged with birth work and birthing people for the last 9 years. She completed her Doula training with 'To Labor' in 2012 and completed the Massachusetts Midwifery Course in 2015. In 2018 Anna began an apprenticeship with Sacred Birth Midwifery. She is currently in the final stages of her training process- working towards her certification as a CPM. In 2020 Sacred Birth Midwifery brought her on as an official member of their team as a Junior Midwife. Anna believes in the transformative power of birth - and that every person deserves the chance to labor and give birth in the way that feels safest to them. Anna is the mother of 2 children and the co-owner of an organic greenhouse business in addition to her doula/midwifery practice.


    All midwives maintain current certifications in Adult/Infant CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. They regularly attend workshops, conferences and training in midwifery and related areas in order to remain current on research and protocols as well as skills.

    In the media: BIRTHING AT HOME by MAUREEN TURNER, Special to Valley Kids.

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